About Our Company

Next-gen solutions for Biomining

Host Expertise

Our genetic toolkit and host expertise on various mesophiles and thermophiles allows us to experiment with different mineral sulfides, targeting large markets and biomining applications.

Construction Platform

Our molecular microbiology and bioinformatics expertise and genetic toolkit allows us to perform strain engineering in a fast and cost-effective manner.

Mining Sites

Our relationship with the world’s largest mining companies empowers our team to deliver, test and scale the most efficient solutions for the market, increasing our customer’s productivity.

Sustainable Mining

Our process provides an alternative to conventional smelting processes, which discharge large amounts of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and various toxic materials to the environment[

Engineering Strains for Copper Bioleaching

Using modern DNA construction techniques

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Our Process

We are implementing a design-build-test-evolve process for continuous strain optimization

Genetic Design

We carefully select the genetic pathways that we want to optimize

Strain Engineering

We assemble and transform the DNA engineered vectors into our host organisms

Library Screening

We measure the efficiency of the engineered strains, both in the lab and the field

Guided Evolution

We select the best strains and optimize around the designs that perform the best